This is another area where we have improved on local brands through our experience in the fiberglass automotive industry.

All of the experience that we have acquired since 1991 in the making of plugs (moulds from which fiberglass moulds are produced) would require kilograms of bodyfiller. We could not find a suitable and easy to sand and shape bodyfiller locally.

The more suitable bodyfillers are imported and obviously not cost effective for disposable plugs. Thus for ease of sandability and minimum number of pin holes, we developed our own body filler that compares in quality to any of the expensive imported bodyfillers.

The same applies to our primers and hardeners of which we had years of experience in supplying the said motor body kits to the three manufacturers in the motorsport section.


ACD was founded in 1991 and our first projects was the design of the Aqua Sport beach buggy which still turns heads today.

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