Speed Humps

We recognized another improvement to the original speed bumps which are placed in position and then bolted down onto the surface by Rawl Bolts.

Our speed humps are made out of high quality virgin rubber and is a tried and tested product widely used throughout South Africa and other countries. We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of speed bumps.

These bumps eventually work themselves loose and can pose a threat or damage to other road users.

Out speed bumps are fixed permanently to the road surface and as in the case of the rumble block, no fading will occur as the colour is impregnated into the material used.

Speed bumps have a unique shape to safely slow down speeding vehicles and reduce the risk of accidents. With warranty, our speed humps are designed to carry all types of vehicles; small cars, SUVs and heavy trucks. They are perfect for a town house complex; low noise level, factories and industrial sites, airports, shopping centers, vehicle parking lots, residential areas, including complexes and estates, etc.


Thus the speed bumps can be the colour matched to the customers corporate colours to highlight their brands, for example, Petrol stations with high visibility speed bumps to the entrance and exit points (Shell – yellow, red. BP – green, yellow etc).

We also manufacture removable rubber speed bumps, 3,5 meter in length, ideal for schools, road blocks and temporary road works.


ACD was founded in 1991 and our first projects was the design of the Aqua Sport beach buggy which still turns heads today.

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